Monthly Archives: June 2014


More action from Sweden’s 3,5 Clique as the crew head to Åre for a little spring action. Featuring Nonne Reif, David Sörme and Rasmus Andersson.

Full Part: Red Gerard

Red Gerard is widely regarded as the next über pro. At just 13 years old he rides at a level far beyond his years, which makes both adults and kids his age weep with jealousy. Soccer mums take note, your kid will compete against Red in the future.

Joachim Krogstie Season Edit

Jochim got injured pretty badly a couple of years ago but is now back and we are stoked to see him destroying it everywhere he straps in. Check out this Instagrams heavyweight hightlights from 2013/14.

DC Snowboarding Chile

It’s the start of winter in Chile and no doubt it’s already puking there and making all of us in the Northern hemisphere jealous. DC Snowboarding are so excited about the 2014 season commencing that they put out this edit showcasing some of their Chilean team.

Milk Teeth: Haakon Eilertsen

We met up with young Norwegian 17 year old powerhouse Haakon Eilertsen. With a mixture of cultures and bags of talent, Haakon has all the ingredients to blow minds in the future. Find out what makes him tick.

Takao Shoma Season Edit

Takao Shoma is quickly rising the ranks of talented Japananese street riders, with his technical prowness and effortless style. Watch Shoma’s full part from the Dirty Pimp Crew and keep an eye out for him in the future.

Nils Mindnich Shreds Alta Pow

Alta are stuck in the dar ages and still ban snowboarders from their resort. Who’s to stop someone split boarding up and poaching their white gold though? Nils Mindnich did excatly that and got some banned freshies on June 18th. Great work Nils!

Windells Session One

Windells is the place to be this Summer. With a near perfect park set up, street course and heaps of pros in attendance, riders of all ages get to enjoy some summer vibes. Here is what went down in week 1 of the session, featuring; Nick Visconti, Scotty Vine, Ryan Paul, Jaeger Bailey, Cody Lee, Ryan Lanham, Jeff Hopkins, Max Tokunaga, Demetri Bales, Chris Frost and Max Lyons.