Monthly Archives: September 2014

Burton Presents Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang

Up next in Burton present’s full part webisodes is the iconic Mikkel Bang and Jeremy Jones. Mikkel has gone for a full backcountry section and it’s great to see that his amazing style hasn’t changed a bit in the pow. Jeremy’s part yet again blows you away with his gnarly urban skills that get better each year. Yet again Burton produce a must watch video.

Full Part: Mario Wanger

Zillertal local Mario Wanger had a good season chasing the pow through BC and his beloved Mayrhofen. This powder filled edit is just what you need for your Monday morning lunch break.

Rome Snowboards: Find Snowboarding, Aleutians.

Rome Snowboards continue their awesome webisodes with part 2 of their Find Snowboarding, mini documentary. In this episode Cody Booth, Thomas Delfino and Aspen Rain Weaver head to The Aleutians, where they discover bad weather, grizzly bears, first decents and untracked pow.

Teaser: TFA We Trippy.

Ethan Morgan, Mario Kaeppeli, Simon Pircher and Flo Corzelius are back in their new release ” We Trippy.” Expect next level riding, partying and stupidity from these German speaking loose cannons.

Riders Who Can Skate (Well): Fredrik Austbø

If you ever saw Fredrik in his break out part “White Balance”, you will already be fully aware of his skating talents. Bare in mind though he was 14 when that part dropped and talents for skating have only intensified with time. We spoke to Fredrik about his life skating.

Teaser: Pat Moore, Mr.Plant

Volcom don’t realease a ton of snow movies but when they do they always make a huge impact. Now they’ve decided to release Mr Plant, a full movie with Pat Moore. A Pat Moore movie on it’s own would be incredible but Mr Plant will also feature; Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Scott Blum, Bryan Iguchi, Seth Huot, Jamie Lynn, Zach Normandin, Elena Hight, Hunter Wood, Mike Rav, Terje Haakonsen, Arthur Longo, Jake Welch and friends. This will be unmissable.

Full Part: Nial Romanek, Think Tank, Almanic

We think that Nial Romanek is underrated and if you watch this full part from Think Tanks “Almanic” we are sure you will think the same. Here Nial destroys iin what is yet another legit movie from Think Tank. “Almanic” is available on Itunes now.

Teaser: Slashes & French Pashes

The crew at rusty headed to les deux alpes France this Summer for a little glacier action. Whilst there they found,Plastic Polar bears, Smoking Croissants, Italian Models and still had time to put together this sick edit. Featuring; Alex Stewart, Gian Marco Maiocco, Bibi Maiocco, Pasquale Mayo Gentile, Daniele Colturi, Giacomo G B Errichiello and Davide Liberatore.

Would You Rather? Saku Tiilikainen

We enter Saku’s mind to talk about hitting the megaramp on a skateboard, having really bad breath, selling his soul to Satan and much more randomness.