Monthly Archives: February 2015

Live Stream: Watch The Ale Invitational Big Air Live.

The first annual Ale Invitational WST Big Air is on right now! You can tune into the action on our livestream. The brain child of Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom, 20 of the best big air riders will be in attendance. You will not want to miss this.

A Minute in Winterberg With Dion Janse

Dion Janse was the star of our day as we hit up street spots in The Hague after the Rock A Rail. Dion has got himself out of the Flatlands and into the parks of Winterberg for this slick minute of riding.

Season Edit: Fabian Fraidl 2014

Austrian, Fabian Fraidl sent over his rap heavy season edit from 2014. Not only is majority of his part is filmed in the streets but he also has some unique tricks in his arsenal that set him apart.

Real Talk: Steve Bailey

We caught up with UK’s snowboarding royalty Steve Bailey, to discuss the beginnings of Rossenadale dryslope, spinning 9’s on dendex, that avalanche and its aftermath, The Brits and much more.

Full Part: Postland, Toni Kerkela, Connect The Dots

This is the final instalment of Postland’s Connect the Dots and what a way to end, on Toni Kerkela’s ender part. What Toni lacks in orange clothing and wooden footwear, he more than makes up in effortless style.

Milk Teeth: Max Zebe

Max Zebe has been the talk of riders everywhere for the past few seasons. After winning rail battles left right and centre and now working on his kicker game, the future is looking good for Max. Check out what he has to say in his Milk Teeth Interview.

An Afternoon With Ben Ferguson

At Ipso it was clear that every brand is now experimenting with different shapes to find you the perfect ride. Ben Ferguson decided to see what the fuss was about as he took his next years, Burton fishtail into the park. having a swallow tail isn’t stopping Ben.

Vans Snow: Welcoming The New

It’s increasingly looking like Vans are coming back to snow even stronger than where they left off. In this welcome edit, they introduce some new team members who hit up the streets of Eastern Canada. Dillon Ojo, Dan Liedahl, Sam Taxwood and Mike Ravelson.

Full Part: Mark Carter

Mark Carter earnt himself a spot on The Arbor Snowboards International team and in this powder filled full part you can see why they are so excited about their new addition.

Full Part: Victor Daviet 2014

France’s up and comer Victor Daviet has just released his season edit from 2014. Not one to shy away from gnarly lines and big backcountry booters, watch to see why Victor is a name for the future.