Monthly Archives: April 2015

In Pursuit of Slush

Alex Tank, Gido Gföllner, James Niederberger, Raffael Kossmann, Christoph Schwarz, Jeron Lohner, Tobi Hartmuth and Davo Struber, get real tech in Laax, Switzerland.

Arbor Snowboards Welcomes Marie-France Roy

Arbor Snowboards keep signing elite riders to their already impressive team and this week they put on Canadian badass, Marie France Roy. Check out this welcome video of MFR in action.

Real Talk: Jamie Anderson

We spoke to the most rewarded rider in the history of snowboarding to talk about hugging trees, if winning is boring, women’s progression, shooting naked for ESPN and much more.

Full Park: Phil Hansen, Pair-A-Dice

Phil Hansen put together our favourite types of section, backcountry, street rails and all-round street creativity. In his full part from Pair-A-Dice he gets crazy on some of the most unique spots of the season.

Real Life: Neil’s Story

In this episode of Real Life, we caught up with UK’s Neil Campbell as he shares his story on how Snowboarding brought him some direction and kept him on the straight and narrow.

Park Edit: Øivind Fykse Engelschiøn

His name makes our spellchecker have a melt down, but we will risk it as Øivind Fykse Engelschiøn throws down in this slushy park edit from Oslo.

Vimana: Springbreak

Vimana exploded onto the scene this season with their well thought out collection of products and slick branding. The team is on point too with Markku Koski, Fredrik Austbo, Thomas Iversen and Saku Tiilikainen flying the flag. Here, watch as Vimana took the team for some Springbreaks laps at Oslo WinterPark.

Yawgoons: Scott Stevens and Johnny O’Connor

The Yawgoons have been straight fire this season with their edits and this one is right up there with the best of them. Watch as Scott Stevens and Johnny O’Connor take some creative laps at Copper.

First Pipe Cab Triples With Yiwei Zhang

It’s been an incredible fortnight for snowboarding progression in which the first two quads were landed. Yiwei Zhang completes the hatrick with the first ever pipe cab triple. This is insane.

I Ride Park City: #EP10

The last in the series from I Ride Park City, in what has been yet another great year for the influencial park. This episode features Sam Taxwood, Ben Bilodeau, Alex Sherman, Harrison Gordon and Ozzy Henning. Watch out for Sam Taxwood on his 185 swallowtail.