Monthly Archives: July 2015

Behind The Lens: The Story Of Grindhouse

We chatted to curator and chief honcho; Jamie Durham for the story behind Grindhouse to discuss, riders getting injured, coping with no snow, the decline in European movie productions, kickstarter backlash, internet videos and lots more.

TFA At Dachstein

While you are chilling by the pool, TFA riders Simon Pircher, Flo Corzelius, Raffael Kossmann and Mario Kaeppeli get loose on Austria’s Dachstein glacier.

BoardWorld All Day Long: Ep02

BoardWorld are keeping the entire Northern Hempishere sane with their Perisher edits. Episode 2 sees the finest Aussie talents show off their skills in the land down under.

Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer Summer Shred

Dachstein is one of the best summer shred spots and taking full advantage of the pristine conditions are love birds Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer. Anna has gone from strength to strength in recent years, could this be her year on the WST?


Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner and Marc Swoboda are straight fire in this banger filled summer release.

Jed Sky’s Canadian Summer

As the title suggests, Jed Sky went to Canada this summer, what it doesn’t say is how he took the park to pieces. Watch Jed start his summer off with a bang.

Teaser: 2015 Stonp Or Die

They are all from Japan, they kill it on a snowboard and this trailer is sick. We cannot wait for the full release.

Andy Nudds Park Night: The Snow Centre

With his effortless style and near fearless approach to riding, Andy Nudds is one of our favourite riders to watch. Here Andy shuts down the Snow Centre in Hemel on his signature park night.

Scuballoon at Fonna

These guys are fully embracing the summer snowboarding experience. Have you ever seen someone attempt that intro trick before?