Monthly Archives: September 2015

Teaser: Shredbots, Shredtopia “Just the Tip”

This has already been a great week for teasers and it’s just about to get even better with the release of The Shredbots and “Just the Tip” for their upcoming release Shredtopia. Featuring; Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto Chamberland, Brage Richenberg, Werni Stock, Darcy Sharpe and Mark McMorris.

Burton Presents: Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss

Burton Presents is back, which might just signify the beginning of the snowboard season. Up first are urban juggernauts Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss who collectively turn up street riding to 11 in this hammer packed edit.

Teaser: RK1 A Long Edit

Rk1 are one of the most explosive crews around and this teaser for the upcoming release “A Long Edit” is a testament to why. Featuring Ståle Sandbech, Alek Østreng, Len Jorgensen and Torgeir Bergrem. Stop what you are doing and watch.

Peetu Piiroinen Insights

Peetu has proved time and time again that he is one of the best competitive snowboarders of all time. In this up close and personal edit, Peetu opens up and discusses his current feelings towards snowboarding.

A Dome Away From Home

Ross Needham and Ollie Dutton are two of the team riders heading up Burton Snowboards UK team. Known for their tech street shenanigans, when these two get together you know good things are going to happen. Here the duo headed to Landgraaf to show the Dutch locals how they roll in the UK

Event Recap: The Hague Pro Freestyle

The Hague in The Netherlands is becoming a hub for some of the best street contests. This year saw the first ever Pro Freestyle comp and the snowboarding event brought some big hitters. Some heavy riding went down and here is the official recap video.


Ruka is one of the best parks in Finland and unsuprisingly the locals there are pretty handy at destroying it. In JAHUU5, watch as the Finnish locals go wild in their natural habitat.

Real Talk: Christian Haller

For this week’s Real Talk Interview, we caught up with Christian “Hitsch” Haller to talk about the quality of Euro pipes, Sochi Pipes, pro riders getting dropped, what to expect from his new pipe project and much more besides.

Teaser: In Motion, Mark McMorris and Friends

The Shred Bots spent last season following Mark McMorris on his travels, from winning the biggest contests to Mark’s passion of exploring the backcountry. McMorris is known as being a contest kid but those people thinking that he cannot ride powder are due for a wake up call and this edit is proof of his backcountry talents.