Monthly Archives: December 2015

Full Part: Enni Rukajärvi

Enni is known for slaying competitions but in this outstanding part featuring backcountry, street and park, Rukajärvi shows just how versatile she really is. One of our favourite riders to watch and one of the best female riders of all time.

Waffles And Hammers Ep2.1 Colorado And Stubai

Sebbe de Buck and Seppe Smits are back for the second series of Waffles And Hammers. Up first are the amazing conditions in Stubai and the not so good ones at The Dew Tour.

A Day With Anna Gasser

We bet a few guys have wanted to spend a day with Anna Gasser and thanks to Blue Tomato, you can see how the young Austrian spends her day.

2032 Leftovers Part 2 of 4

Scott Stevens and Chris Grenier lay down some commentary over some left over footage from 2032 providing an interesting behind the scenes look. Just wait for Toni Kerkela’s huge one footer.

Teaser: Vans, First layer

Vans have an exceptional European Snow team that seems to gather strength each season. This year, Vans are releasing a full movie entitled First Layer, which features: Arthur Longo, Sami Luhtanen, Will Smith, Sparrow Knox, Markus Keller and more.

Full Part: Jonny Pickup, The Grindhouse, Afterlife

Grindhouse’s new release Aflterlife has had multiple playbacks since it’s release a few weeks back. Now the crew have dropped Jonny Pickup’s full part. Available now for 24 hours, this is a must watch.