Monthly Archives: January 2016

Bynd x Mdls: Season 04 EP01, Laax and Japan

Tor Lundstrom and Kevin Backstrom are back with a new series of BYND X MDLS. The infamous two kick things off in Laax with Ulrik Badertscher and Sebbe De Buck joining them to slay the park. The alps are running on low tide this winter so the crew along with Max Buri and David Djite, head to Japan on the serach for some white gold.

Spy On The Wall Episode Two: The Laax Open With Christian Haller

The Laax Open was officially one of the best events in recent times. We took it upon ourselves to follow the home country hero, Christian Hitsch Haller around the pipe, for a Spy On The Wall look behind the scenes of the men’s pipe semi finals.

2016 Laax Open Gallery

This past week saw the first ever Laax Open go down and our minds are officially blown. Make sure you don’t miss our exclusive gallery to see everything that went down during this incredible new event from Europe’s finest resort.

Full Video: Elokuva

Elokuva is the third film from Kaira Productions focusing the rough winters in Finland. Filmed in Rovaniemi, up in the arctic circle where the days are short, conditions are harsh but the riding is on point. Featuring: Erkka Siivola, Merika Enne, Perttel Kaira-Aho, Tommi Aavaluoma, Allu Penttala, Niko Savolainen and friends

Full Part Elias Elhardt, Follow Your Nose

Elias Elhardt struck gold after he decided to hit the inner ciry kicker contests on the head. Now he spends his time annihilating backcountry lines across the globe, he also has one of the sickest FS1’s in the game.

Milk Teeth: Sune Buschmann

After his epic season part dropped last week, we wanted to learn more from Sune Buschmann and discuss; The Danish snowboard scene, life in Oslo, the kink from his last trick and much more.

Shred Bots: Shredtopia 4K Part 1

One of the better movies this year was Shred Bots Shredtopia 4K. If you were too tight to buy the full movie on Vimeo On Demand, you can now view this powerhouse movie in seperate parts.