Monthly Archives: February 2016

Gallery Report: X Games Oslo

The first ever X Games Oslo is a wrap. We headed over to beautiful Norway to show you the action both on the course and behind the scenes.

Mt. Trollhaugen Railed Slalom

Banked slalom courses are all the rage these days and the legendary Mt. Trollhaugen put on their own version with some additional fun features.


Tor Lundstrom and Kevin Backstrom spent the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on their own contest The Ale Invite. The contest was a huge success and here you can take a behind the scenes look at the process involved.

Different Direction: Japan Ep01

Since the European winter has been cancelled, everyone has been heading to Japan where there has been no lack of powder. Different Directions headed there too and offer us a behind the scenes look of what is going down.

Milk Teeth: Jessi Alfredo Blackwell

Jessi Alfredo Blackwell has been the talk of many in the know for a while. We chat to the young Norwegian to talk; riding in sweatpants, Nescafé commercials, extensive traveling and heaps more.

Full Part: Janne Lipsanen, Afterlife

With the perfect blend of both backcountry and street, you can see why Janne got ender in Grindhouse’s “Afterlife” Online for free for 48 hours, starting now.

Nitro Snowboards: One Run With Markus Kleveland

Markus Kleveland is not even old enough to buy a beer in the UK but is already showing people double his age skills they can only dream about. Watch as he destroys Perisher with just one run.