Monthly Archives: April 2016

#TBT: Forum Snowboards True Life, Chris Dufficy

Forum’s second full team release True Life was groundbreaking when it came out in 2002. Chris Dufficy had this incredible and now iconic opener part and this must be one of the most loved sections of all time.

Lick The Cat: Spring 2016

Spring is here and Ben Bilodeau, Sam Taxwood, Griffin Siebert, Blake Paul, Gus Warbington, Zak Hale, Sage Kotsenburg, Evan Drage, Jack Dawe, Alex Rodway AKA Lick The Cat are out having fun at Brighton Resort and Snowbird.

This Is My Story: David Dijté

David Dijté unfortunately got hurt really bad in Finland last season in a life changing accident. After a long recovery process he is now back riding and this powerful documentary follows David as he reminisces about his recovery. David is one of the most positive people in Snowboarding and we are relieved that he is back on the scene.

Spring Shredding: Jamie Trinder

Who would have thought that one of the only resorts open in the Northen hemisphere is in Scotland? Cairngorm is on point right now and here, Jamie Trinder takes full advantage.

#TBT: Jussi Oksanen, Afterbang

Robot Food’s Afterbang, is a firm candidate for one of the most popular movies of all time and Jussi Oksanen’s stand out part got the whole world throwing butters.

Teaser: Bad Plans Shmovie

Norway’s Bad Plans are dropping their first independent movie this Autumn and it’s looking good. Just check out some of the wince inducing slams that went into making this.

Full Part: AK-94 Riko Rinnekangas

Riko Rinnekangas is the older sibling to Rene, another underated bossman from the depths of Finland. Their sponsors unfortunatly pulled out of finacially supporting their movie but this left the crew with no pressure and the end of result worked out well. See for yourself this street only full part.

Inside The Rome Lodge

With Ispo increasingly on it’s last legs, brands are forced to find innovative ways to display their products. What better way than to rent out an entire resort and fill it up with media, shops and pros each week? We went to discover more of what goes down at the Rome Lodge.

Saku Tiilkainen And Thomas Iversen Ride Kiruna

Kiruna up in the North Of Sweden is pretty much as cold as it gets. Vimana Snowboards team buddies; Saku Tiilkainen and Thomas Iversen made the trip on the search of street spots and came back with some frosty bangers.