#laaxsurfclub Kickers Edit

Laax must have one of the best kicker set ups in Europe right now and taking full advantage is; Tor Lundstrom, Kevin Backstrom,Nicolas Huber, Leandro Eigensatz, Elio Fumagalli and Jonas Boesiger.

Season Edit: Tom Tramnitz

Tom Tramnitz is a Zillertal local who is as equally at home in the backcountry as he is in the park.

Full Movie: Dropouts

Dropouts is a full movie coming out of the UK. With a great sense of humor, some sick riding from domes, dryslopes and resorts, this is not one to miss.

Route One In Japan

Route One Snowboard Shop from the UK took their team of riders to Japan for an 8 day powder filled trip of a life time. See what went down in the Land Of The Rising Sun.

Full Part: Interior Plain Project, Peter Limberg

The Interior Plain Project is a legit up and coming snowboard brand hailing from the US and Peter Limberg is one of the team riders holding it down for the IPP. Don’t miss this legit stand out part from SHAPESHFTR

Event Preview: 2017 Laax Open

Our favourite on snow event The Laax Open is only 3 weeks away. Held in the Laax, the premier snowboard resort and invite 200 of the World’s best riders and you are guaranteed to see the greatest showdown on European soil. Check the teaser to get a glimpse of what to expect on the 16th- 21st January.

The Lost Footage: Tyler Chorlton

Tyler Chorlton thought his footage from last season had been lost forever but it isn’t, it’s been found and it’s sick.

Event Recap: Rock A Rail 2016

This year’s Rock A Rail was nothing short of mindblowing. Watch the official recap video and witness what went down at Europe’s greatest rail contest.