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VG Visits Woodward Copper

Videograss took a little trip to the Woodward Copper Summer camp. Joe Sexton, Jake Olson Elm and Chris Grenier made full use of bumper cars, boats, foampit and of course park. Watch this trio tear up the skatepark.

Riders Who Can Skate (well): Sami Luhtanen

Sami Luhaten is yet another Finn who can turn heads whilst out skating. Just check out the footage from Sami when he was 12, what the hell are they putting in the water over there?

Riders Who Can Skate (well): Roope Tonteri

The majority of Snowboarders skate in their summer months but only a few can skate really well. Roope Tonteri is obviously a talented man on a Snowboard but did you know he can skate too? Here we chat to Roope about his skills.