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Saku Tiilkainen And Thomas Iversen Ride Kiruna

Kiruna up in the North Of Sweden is pretty much as cold as it gets. Vimana Snowboards team buddies; Saku Tiilkainen and Thomas Iversen made the trip on the search of street spots and came back with some frosty bangers.

Full Part: Saku Tiilikainen

With 100% positive vibes, some burly rail and kicker skills and he also makes a mean cup of coffee. We are big fans of Saku Tiilikainen here at Pyramid Mag.

Full Part: Enni Rukajärvi

Enni is known for slaying competitions but in this outstanding part featuring backcountry, street and park, Rukajärvi shows just how versatile she really is. One of our favourite riders to watch and one of the best female riders of all time.

VIMANA FreezeBox Tour Ep01

Vimana Snowboards took the usual decision to take their pre season tour to The Netherlands to ride their near perfect set up in the dome. Watch as Markku Koski, Fredrik Austbo, Saku Tiilikainen, Aapo Enqvist, Steef Van Der Meer and special guest Enni Rukajärvi, are let loose indoors.

Season Edit: Hugo Wennmyr

We hadn’t heard of Sweden’s Hugo Wennmyr before but after watching some of this tech rail business he throws down in this season edit we are going to pay closer attention in the future.

Vimana At Folgefonna VoL #01

We are back from our summer holidays and what better way to get back into the mix than this legit edit from Vimana and their team trip to Folgefonna. Featuring: Markku Koski, Fredrik Austbo, Thomas Iversen, Saku Tiilikainen, Aapo Enqvist and Steef Van Der Meer.

Vimana: Springbreak

Vimana exploded onto the scene this season with their well thought out collection of products and slick branding. The team is on point too with Markku Koski, Fredrik Austbo, Thomas Iversen and Saku Tiilikainen flying the flag. Here, watch as Vimana took the team for some Springbreaks laps at Oslo WinterPark.

Industry heavyweights: Peter-John de Villiers, Artist

Peter-John de Villiers working under the name The Shallow Tree has created artwork for some of the hottest emerging brands, both inside and out of the industry. Here we talk to him to find out how he got started, his favourite projects, his advice on budding artists, Fresh Off The Hill and plenty more.

Real Talk: Markku Koski

We caught up with legendary, Finnish powerhouse, Markku Koski, to chat about the changes he has seen in the sport, why Finnish riders find it hard to get deals, future plans and much more.